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Oct 27, 2020
Publication in Nature Chemistry based on data from SPM Aarhus 150
As the world first two-dimensional (2D) material, graphene, the atom-thick planar honeycomb structure composed...
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Oct 26, 2020
ASTM E42 Surface Analysis Community Forum
Data in the literature that is poorly acquired, analyzed, or presented can have far reaching effects on the credibility...
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Oct 20, 2020
Latest Scientific Results from SPECS Multimethod Cluster System at CEITEC
The Multimethod Cluster System at CEITEC (Czech Republic) was used to study real time nucleation and growth mechanisms...
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Oct 13, 2020
SPECS XPS system for battery research at the Helmholtz institute in Ulm
Battery research is a fundamental keystone to tackling the challenge of global climate change. In order to reduce our...
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Oct 06, 2020
In situ Electrochemical Cell: Product Presentation IS-EC-AP
Three-electrode-cell for electrochemical experiments under ambient pressure inert atmospheres Since more than 10 years...
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