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Jan 14, 2021
Observation of Momentum Forbidden Dark Excitons
Madeo et al. from the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology have recently reported the successful observation of...
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Jan 12, 2021
Streaming and visualization of raw data: New tools for Nanonis Mimea and Tramea
The introduction of the BP5e in 2019 saw several new features aimed at increasing data acquisition speed and adding the...
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Dec 22, 2020
The KREIOS 150 on the Edge of Semi Conductor Research
The first SPECS KREIOS 150 electron momentum spectrometer has been installed at the Attolab at Imec, a world-leading...
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Dec 15, 2020
An Aberration Corrected Spin Resolved LEEM
The development for the spin polarized LEEM involved a special modification of the FE-LEEM P90 with an additional...
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Dec 14, 2020
COSCON IS Power supply for IQE 11/35
SPECS is proud to announce a new component release: the COSCON IS power supply for fully digitalized control of the IQE...
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