New COSCON SIS series is available

Your new tool for ultimate precision and usability: The COSCON SIS series for scanning ion source IQE 12/38

The COSCON SIS series is the latest development in our component smart control power supply series COSCON. The COSCON SIS and its variants COSCON WSIS and COSCON LSIS were designed to control the focusing and scanning ion source IQE 12/38 and its variants with Wien mass filter and low energy version, respectively.

Like the other COSCON devices, the COSCON SIS, WSIS and LSIS are digital and fully computer-controlled power supplies allowing for even higher performance and source automatization. Like other COSCON devices it is fully integrated into SpecsLab Prodigy or can be controlled via web widget from any mobile device and brings your SPECS system one step closer to full automatization.

For the operation of the IQE 12/38 with Wien mass filter, instead of two power supplies, only one COSCON WSIS is necessary, facilitating ion scattering spectroscopy measurements (LEIS/ISS) with highest ion beam purity and ultimate precision. The application with low energy ions for dual beam charge compensation is enabled by the IQE 12 LE and its COSCON LSIS power supply, which furthermore allow to use all features of the COSCON SIS and the IQE 12/38.

All variants of the COSCON SIS can read out the sample current enabling navigation on the sample, selecting sputtering areas and adjusting measurement positions for LEIS/ISS. Fast scanning speeds and small scanning increments result in a very precise operation of the ion beam for highly reproducible spectroscopy and very homogeneous etching craters. Auxiliary input ports on the scanning module allow for application of external scan generators for customized scanning patterns.

Customers benefit from the COSCON SIS series in several ways

  • Enhanced Performance: The smart control power supplies offer improved performance for controlling the ion source IQE 12/38 and its variants. This leads to more accurate and reliable results in various applications.
  • Automation and Convenience: Being digital and fully computer-controlled, the COSCON SIS series allows for automation, making it easier for customers to operate and manage their ion source systems efficiently.
  • Integration and Compatibility: The series is seamlessly integrated into SpecsLab Prodigy and can be controlled via a web widget from any mobile device. This integration enhances the overall system's compatibility and ensures ease of use.
  • Cost-effectiveness: With COSCON WSIS replacing two power supplies for IQE 12/38 with Wien mass filter, customers can achieve ion scattering spectroscopy measurements (LEIS/ISS) with fewer components, potentially reducing costs.
  • High Precision and Purity: The COSCON SIS, WSIS, and LSIS variants enable high precision in ion beam operation, leading to reproducible spectroscopy and homogeneous etching craters. For applications requiring high ion beam purity, these power supplies are essential.
  • Versatility: The IQE 12 LE and its COSCON LSIS power supply facilitate low-energy ion application for dual beam charge compensation, expanding the range of experiments customers can perform with the system.
  • Customizability: The auxiliary input ports on the scanning module allow for the application of external scan generators, enabling customized scanning patterns to meet specific experimental needs.

Overall, the COSCON SIS series provides customers with a more advanced, efficient, and versatile ion source control solution, improving their research capabilities and experimental outcomes.

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