RSBG SE acquires SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH

RSBG SE, an investment company of the RAG Foundation based in Essen and founded in 2014, has acquired the Berlin-based SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH

RSBG SE sees itself as a long-term partner of medium-sized companies. Accordingly, the company uses a buy-and-build strategy to invest in successful companies from the SME sector. RSBG SE holds majority interests in companies that are divided into the four business areas "Infrastructure", "Automation & Robotics", "Information & Communication" and "Advanced Manufacturing". To further strengthen the latter area, which - among others - is already occupied by a strong technology leader in the field of innovative equipment development for the production of modern semiconductor structures with Heidelberg Instruments and its subsidiaries Nano (formerly SwissLitho) and Multiphoton Optics, RSBG SE acquired 100% of the company SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH.

SPECS is - with more than 35 years of experience in scientific instrumentation - a renowned, worldwide technology and market leader in the field of development, manufacturing, and application of surface analytical components and systems. At its headquarters in Berlin and its subsidiary in Zurich, SPECS employs approximately 140 people and markets scientific instruments for basic and applied research and development at universities, institutes, and research-based industrial companies under the globally renowned brands SPECS, Nanonis and Enviro. The analytical methods are applied in the fields of physics, chemistry, material development, biology, and medicine. The methods used are suitable for characterizing the chemical composition analytically, the electronic properties spectroscopically, and the structure of material surfaces on micro-and nanoscale dimensions microscopically.

"With SPECS GmbH, we have been able to attract a medium-sized company that is a perfect fit for RSBG SE, not only because of its economic growth prospects, but also because of its market-leading product range and, last but not least, its excellent technological expertise," says RSBG SE's investment director Dr. Andreas J├Ąger.

Dr. Ferdinand Rudolph-Bartels, the Managing Director of SPECS GmbH is equally "looking forward to working together in a high-caliber, inspiring environment that RSBG SE will offer as a strong SPECS partner in the future."

"Technologically and organizationally, SPECS is a wonderful addition to harness mutual synergies in the field of "Advanced Manufacturing" which promises to increase success in the global high-technology sector for all companies involved," says Martin Wynaendts van Resandt, the Managing Director of RSBG SE's "Advanced Manufacturing" division.

Further information can be obtained at RSBG SE website.

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