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Where Competence and Partnership Lead to Constant Innovation.

SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH/ SPECSGROUP as a leading manufacturer produces innovative components and customized systems for surface spectroscopy and microscopy.

The customized systems are highly integrated with facilities for sample and thin film preparation and in-situ analysis from UHV to high pressures. Main analysis components are the hemispherical energy analyzer family PHOIBOS, the time-of-flight spectrometer THEMIS, the ultimate stability Aarhus SPM family, the ultimate low temperature SPM family JT-SPM, the Tyto SPM head, the KolibriSensor, the in situ SPM Curlew and the high resolution LEEM/PEEM instrument.

Facts & Figures


Celebrating 40 Years of SPECS Surface Nano Analysis


Introduction of the EnviroMETROS Surface Hybrid Metrology System


Transfer to Lab14, hold by the RSBG SE


Foundation Enviro Analytical Instruments


Introduction of Nanonis TRAMEA and EnviroESCA


Our company name has been changed from "SPECS Gesellschaft für Oberflächenanalytik und Computertechnologie mbH" to "SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH".


Acquisition of Nanonis GmbH based in Zurich, Switzerland. Well known for its control system for scanning probe microscopes. Nanonis products can now be found at www.specs-group.com/nanonis


Licence as exclusive Seller and Manufacturer of LEEM according to the design of Dr. Rudolf Tromp, IBM Yorktown Heights, USA


Integration of the Oxford Scientific Ltd. product line of thin film deposition sources into the SPECS product portfolio


Licence as exclusive Seller and Manufacturer of STM Aarhus, Prof. Besenbacher, Denmark


Acquisition of key products and staff from VSI GmbH - a world wide supplier of Surface Analysis equipment and systems


Takeover of Surface Analysis operation of Leybold AG in Cologne


Foundation of SPECS GmbH

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