Methods for surface and thin film preparation and characterization

Introduction to basics and technologies

Miniaturization is the daily challenge for researchers in the field of materials and device design. It is hard to believe, but after all these years Moore's law is still valid. The higher the integration and density of devices, the more important materials surfaces and the interfaces between materials surfaces are. Meanwhile the surface is the device. For this reason methods for preparation of surfaces, deposition techniques for the production of well-defined hetero-interfaces and, last but not least, microscopic, diffraction and analytical methods for structural and chemical analysis of surfaces are of growing importance. This section gives brief introductions into their basics and technological realizations. 

The terminology for these methods in surface analysis and metrology are defined by the ISO standards 18115-1:2023 (PDF) (general terms and terms used in spectroscopy), 18115-2:2021 (PDF) (terms used in scanning-probe microscopy) and 18115-3:2021 (terms used in optical interface analysis).

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