One step closer to full automatization of ARPES systems

The release of the COSCON SUVS power supply for µSIRIUS

A year after the release of our COSCON IS and COSCON FG power supplies, we proudly introduce you to a new member of the COSCON family: the COSCON SUVS, which will replace the UVS 300-A power supply. It enables reliable and stable operation at higher voltages and currents perfectly matched to the new µSIRIUS UV source and thus increases photon flux stability especially for the outstanding smallest spot operation of the source. Therefore it is the optimal tool to complete cutting-edge ARPES, Momentum Microscopy and PEEM setups.

The COSCON SUVS is an entirely digitalized control unit which is fully integrated into SpecsLab Prodigy measurement and control software. This and the ultimate parameter stability allow for fully automated control of a µSIRIUS source in ARPES measurements with full remote control capabilities. As an additional feature, an automated gas inlet system with several gas options can be controlled directly from the software. The complete integration perfectly orchestrates the µSIRIUS with other SPECS components and sources. Different interlock options in addition to security limits implemented in SpecsLab Prodigy minimize accidental misuse of the system and hence help to prevent system down time.

In combination with the user-friendly graphical interface, COSCON SUVS significantly simplifies and speeds up your measurements and assists you to obtain high quality data – the right tool for pioneering research in the field of ARPES.

For a more detailed technical description of the Key Features please visit our website.

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