NAP XPS reference spectra

Collection of photoelectron spectroscopy data taken from reference materials in the EnviroESCA published in Surface Science Spectra (SSS)

Stand-alone near ambient pressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (NAP-XPS) instruments, like the EnviroESCA, represent an exciting advance for XPS; they are expected to substantially broaden its applicability. NAP-XPS works at rather high pressures (greater than 2500 Pa), allowing samples that would be incompatible with traditional high vacuum environments to be analyzed, e.g., gases, and solids and liquids that outgas significantly, including aqueous solutions. For a longer time there had been a lack of high quality reference spectra with a complete set of meta data for reproducibility reasons. The collection published now in Surface Science Spectra by Dhruv Shah, Paul Dietrich, Matthew R. Linford et al., Surf. Sci. Spectra 26(2),, (2019) ­­­­shows analyses of more traditional materials, e.g., polymers, pure gases and liquids, and inorganic particles, but also some more advanced substances, like a human tooth, a kidney stone, cheese, sesame seeds, and finally Coca-Cola and forms the base for a collection of reference paper. For sure, there is more to come.

We thank our collaborators from Matthew Linford's group at Brigham Young University in US for bringing this collection forward and for the consistent publication of these data.

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