A Twin is Born – Sharing a Famous Pedigree

Welcome to our Newborn KREIOS 150 MM Twin, the Latest Member of the KREIOS Series

We are proud to announce, that on the last days of January the first KREIOS 150 MM Twin 2D-CMOS has been installed at the SPECS testing facility. This new member of the KREIOS product family, produced with highest technological effort, offers ultimate performance. Momentum microscopy for those users with highest demands in performance and functionality reaching to the frontiers of surface science. 

For this the KREIOS 150 MM Twin features two identical hemispheres with 150mm mean radius each. Like twins, the two hemispheres perfectly cooperate in dispersing the electron beam shaped by the most advanced momentum microscopy lens. The result is momentum microscopy at highest transmission with uncomparable momentum, lateral and energy resolution.

Curious and excited as we are? Stay tuned for first results to be presented soon!

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