Ganymed UHV Sample Manipulator Series

The SPECS Ganymed series is a powerful and reliable group of UHV sample manipulators, designed for accuracy and efficiency. Its five axes design, when combined with our ASTRAIOS 190 electron analyzer, enables both fast and precise ARPES band mapping. We offer various options for cooling and sample handling to give this manipulator the ultimate flexibility for most advanced sample analyses. 
All manipulators are equipped with full motorization of the translation in x, y and z and polar and azimuthal sample rotation.

Advanced Sample Handling

Ganymed VT-5 Sample Manipulator Models

The versatility of low temperature analysis and high temperature sample treatment provides insight into recently studied phenomena on a wide variety of samples. The VT stage can achieve sample temperatures below 15 K for high resolution measurements, and the sample can be maintained at RT via a counter heating device on the cryostat. For sample conditioning, an integrated electron beam heater reaches temperatures of 1100 K for sophisticated in-situ sample treatment or preparation. 

Ganymed ULT-5 Sample Manipulator Models

Samples requiring the lowest temperatures will benefit from the ULT sample stage that includes an integrated cooling shield. Together, with an optimized thermal contact area, a sample surface temperature below 7 K can be guaranteed. Continuous counter heating to RT can be realized via an integrated counter heater on the cryostat.

Flexible Cooling Options

Open Cycle Cooling

Our standard open-cycle cooling system allows for minimal helium consumption of < 2 l/h. By request, a vibration free cooling system can be upgraded with an external, closed-cycle cooling device for maximum flexibility.

Closed Cycle Cooling

An integrated, low-vibration closed-cycle cooling system is available to achieve low temperatures without the consumption of expensive and rare cryo-liquids. Any manipulator with a z-travel below 300mm will maintain the minimum temperature specifications due to the excellent design of the cooling efficiency.

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