New Product µFOCUS 195 (NAP)

Monochromatic X-Ray source with highest X-Ray flux density for micro-probe ESCA

The new μFOCUS 195 X-ray source - the latest addition to the SPECS GmbH X-ray sources portfolio – opens the field for smallest spot XPS analysis. Based on our extensive experience, we developed a highest flux density, monochromatic X-ray source for AlKa with 10 µm spot size for demanding small spot XPS analysis on micro-structured samples. It consists of a small spot electron source, that can be focussed and defocussed to reach spot sizes between 150 μm and <10 μm at electron energies of 15 keV. It has a compact bolt-on design and can be operated in UHV, as well as under Near Ambient Pressure conditions up to 100 mbar or higher.

Key Features

  • Spot size on the sample:  between 10 µm and 150 µm
  • High Photon Flux density up to 3.3 · 1010 photons/s
  • Near Ambient Pressure compatibility: operation range from UHV to >100 mbar
  • Monochromatic Al Kα excitation with high energy resolution
  • Compact bolt-on component design on DN275CF mounting flange
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