EnviroESCA system with high temperature (HT-NAP) sample environment and sample explorer

Successful System Installation at the Fraunhofer Institut (ISE) Freiburg

The new SPECS EnviroESCA system with high temperature (HT-NAP) sample environment and sample explorer has been installed in Fraunhofer Institute Freiburg. EnviroESCA is designed for the high-throughput analysis with shortest loading-to-measurement time of various samples including crystals, liquids, tissue, powders, soil, rocks, zeolites, minerals, plastics, foils, and ceramics.

The dedicated HT-NAP sample environment allows investigation of the solid-liquid, solid-vapor, liquid-liquid and liquid-vapor interfaces under various pressure (UHV to 100 mbar) and temperature conditions (-20 °C to 1000 °C).  The high pressure measurements are achieved with the SPECS PHOIBOS 150 NAP analyzer equipped in EnviroESCA machine, while high temperature is achieved by laser heating of the sample.

 The sample explorer allows the predefined batch processing of unlimited amount of measurement positions and tasks before inserting the sample into EnviroESCA.  The three high resolution cameras with wide angle view of the analysis position enable the user to prepare the measurement without blocking the access to the actual device. This feature is ideally suitable for large multi-user facilities.

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