New NAP-XPS System Installation

Located at BESSY II synchrotron in Berlin, Germany

A new NAP-XPS endstation located at BESSY II synchrotron has been installed and is now in operation. The system is designed for studying solid-liquid, liquid-vapour, and liquid-liquid interfaces. It has two interchangeable modules that are optimized for specific experiments. The first module for solid-liquid interface experiments has already been commissioned, whereas the second module for droplet train experiments is still in development.

The SpAnTeX (Spectroscopic Analysis with Tender X-Rays) is equipped with the first  PHOIBOS 150 NAP analyser  that can measure photoelectrons up to 10 keV kinetic energy.  Furthermore, the analyser is equipped with 2D delay line detector and the exchangeable imaging lens module that allows for measurements with a lateral resolution well below 20 µm.

With a special externally triggered detection mode snapshot images with a dwell time ranging from 50 ns to 40 µs at trigger frequencies of up to 9 MHz are supported.

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