ARPES in Semiconductor Device Fabrication

Materials Characterization using ARPES to support future device fabrication

The recently installed KREIOS 150 electron momentum spectrometer installed into a ProvenX-MM system is now in full operation. Joining latest light generating technology, brought by KMLabs, SPECS participates in bringing ARPES and Momentum Microscopy into an industrial environment.

The attolab at imec is a new research environment to investigate fundamental properties of matter, related to the challenges in fabrication of nanodevices. Aiming on process flows of 3 nm and lower, the need for a combined photoemission microscope and spectrometer in ultra short time resolved (Tr) ARPES studies emerges to understand the processes and kinetics in interface lithography.

A recent milestone is the fabrication of a Bi2Se3 film at imec and the characterization using the KREIOS 150.

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Next Generation Electron Momentum Spectrometer for Small Spot ARPES and Momentum Microscopy

  • Full 180° angle ARPES
  • µARPES (< 2 µm field of view)
  • Extractor zoom lens design

All about the KREIOS 150

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