Independent scan piezo voltage limits for different calibrations

Voltage limits bound to calibrations now offer the possibility to automatically adjust scan piezo voltage limits when changing calibration settings

Base package BP5e – The option to create different sets of calibration settings for the scan piezo has always been available in the Nanonis SPM Control System software. It is particularly useful for SPMs operated at different temperatures where the displacement of the scan piezo for a given applied voltage changes with temperature. The user could create calibration settings for each temperature, and select the appropriate setting for the actual SPM temperature.

A new option in the piezo calibration module adds the possibility to define voltage limits for each of the calibration settings. This makes it simple and safe to use a larger voltage range when operating at low temperatures and a smaller range when at room temperature.
This improvement is available for all V5 and V5e users (V5: since release R9170, V5e: since release R9226)

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