Your local contact in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

We are very happy to announce that we have a new representative in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

With Vakuum Servis s.r.o., a company based in the Czech Republic, we have found a reliable local partner with many years of experience and an excellent reputation in the local scientific community. Vakuum Servis also represents other well-known vacuum manufacturers such as Pfeiffer Vakuum and VAT and has a strong focus on customer service and support.

For SPECS the Czech Republic has been an important market in the last years, with many successful installations of complex surface analysis systems at renowned research facilities such as Charles University, Ceitec, the Institute of Physics of the Academy of Science and others. We want to thank all our customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia for their confidence and position ourselves as a reliable partner for the future. Due to this new cooperation with Vakuum Servis s.r.o. we are convinced that together we can continue providing excellent products and service to our customers in the future.

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