Working for Excellence

SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH is the technological market leader in the field of surface nano analysis.

The SPECS group is concerned with the development and manufacturing of innovative scientific instruments focussing on surface spectroscopy and –microscopy. The products are worldwide distributed under the brand names SPECS, Nanonis and Enviro. For 40 years SPECS provides single components and complete systems to international customers active in surface analysis, materials science and nanotechnology.

As part of the LAB14 group, a subsidiary of the RSBG SE, the holding company of the RAG foundation, continuous innovation towards new market-taylored products and services is the core of its sustainable strategy. In total the SPECS group employs more than 180 specialists worldwide at its headquarters in Berlin, its subsidiary in Switzerland, and at the local SPECS-TII joint venture sales and service centers in USA and China.

Our Vacancies
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