The Carl Ramsauer Prize of the Physikalische Gesellschaft zu Berlin

Every year the Carl Ramsauer Award recognizes the best PhD theses in Physics or related sciences of the four Universities of Berlin and Potsdam. The prize is awarded by the Physikalische Gesellschaft zu Berlin (PGzB) in honour of the famous experimental physicist.

Carl Ramsauer (1879-1955), who discovered the Ramsauer-Townsend Effect, describing the extreme permeability of gases for low-energy electrons, was the first director of the AEG Research Institute and the first chairman of the Physikalische Gesellschaft zu Berlin (PGzB), which was founded again after the war.

Since 2002, four outstanding doctoral theses in physics and related fields have been awarded annually. Since 2015, the Carl Ramsauer Prize is sponsored by SPECS GmbH.

This year's award went to the four prizewinners on November 20 at a festive colloquium at Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin. The scientists presented their excellent work. Please find this year's winners here.

Congratulations to the winners Dr. Till Hagelschuer, Dr. Alexander Humeniuk, Dr. Johanna Klyne and Dr. Kai Kornhuber.  

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