MCVA5 Ultra high impedance, low noise preamplifier available for preorder

The Nanonis MCVA5 ultra-high impedance and low noise differential multichannel voltage preamplifier is now available for preorder

The new Nanonis MCVA5 preamplifier is designed as the ideal frontend to the Nanonis TSC and SC5 when measuring very small signals coming from a very high impedance signal source. But of course it is also ideally suited for any generic voltage amplification purpose.

Although several voltage preamplifiers are available on the market, the MCVA5 offers a unique combination of features which is not found in other commercially available instruments:

  • Very  high input impedance of 10 TΩ (to GND, 50 GΩ differential) combined with low input noise of less than 4 nV/√Hz (single-ended,  less than 5.5 nV/√Hz differential, gain 100)
  • Extremely low 0.1 Hz to 10 Hz noise of less than 25 nV rms (Single-ended, less than 32 nV rms differential, gain 100)
  • 500 kHz bandwidth, ideal for high-speed measurements with Nanonis Tramea
  • Input range of +-10 V, with the amplifier able to tolerate such input voltages even at high gains with no damage
  • Over 120 dB of CMRR at low frequencies
  • 4 differential channels in a single enclosure
  • Full remote control, including temperature readout for each channel for compensation of offset fluctuations due to temperature
  • Lower cost per channel than comparable preamplifiers

The preamplifier is available in two packages:

  • Bundled with a Nanonis Tramea quantum transport measurement system or a Nanonis Mimea SPM Control System, also as a retrofit. The bundle includes signal, control and power wiring and a software module.
  • A standalone version with USB-control. This package includes a USB-to-SPI converter as well as the necessary drivers and a basic LabVIEW software for controlling the preamplifier. Full details of the control and readout protocols are provided in the documentation.

More details about the preamplifier can be found on the MCVA5 product page.

The preamplifier can be controlled by all systems running V5 and V5e software.

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