EnviroESCA demonstrates its unique strengths in routine operando analysis on solid/liquid interfaces

Over the last two years EnviroESCA demonstrated its unique capabilities in performing reliable routine surface chemical analysis on a wide variety of materials. Our customers and ourselves are inspired every day with new ideas and fields of applications. Please explore our application notes and peer review publication list related to EnviroESCA. Since several months we have concentrated in our demolab on studies of solid/liquid interfaces. It turned out, that it never has been easier to do operando chemical characterization on processing semiconductors, wet corrosion processes, Lithium ion battery materials studies and any other Solid/Liquid sample system. We just presented the latest results at the ECASIA 2019 conference in Dresden, the EMRS Fall meeting 2019 in Warszaw and we will present this again at the AVS 66 in Columbus/Ohio. Contact us for a copy of the presentation, further information on this topic or analysis requests.

Session: (Room A120-121) CA+NS+SS+VT-ThA Progress in Instrumentation and Methods for Spectro-microscopy of Interfaces
Paul Dietrich: Thursday, Oct 24 at 3:00pm, “Interfacial Studies using Ambient Pressure”

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