COSCON IS Power supply for IQE 11/35

The new COSCON IS power supply for IQE 11/35 has been recently released.

SPECS is proud to announce a new component release: the COSCON IS power supply for fully digitalized control of the IQE 11/35 ion source. This unit offers remote control via a web browser on any mobile or PC device, such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop using Ethernet or WLAN connection. A PC device can be included with the unit, depending on preference. 

This flexibility allows the customer to maximize performance, reliability, and efficiency.

The COSCON IS has an energy range of up to 5keV and a competitive price, comparable to the previous analog PU-IQE 11/35 3kV power unit.

For technical description and Key Features please visit the link to this particular product in our Website

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