Online Shopping of Spare Parts

A complete catalogue with prices is available in MY SPECS ยท 

About a year ago we launched your MY SPECS area on our website. After registration as a customer or user it allows you to find a continuously growing set of technical information, like manuals, videos or webinars, far beyond the website content. Furthermore you can collect and store lists of your purchases (My Products) or products of your interest (My List). With several hundreds of registrations this has obviously met your needs. Thank you very much for this positive and encouraging feedback.

So, we are not standing still. We added a complete catalogue of our spare parts, for many countries even including their prices. For registered customers ordering out of My List is possible by sending the request and being contacted by your SPECS representative. This is the first step towards a webshop functionality, that we are planning to implement also for several components in this year. In case of your interest please visit our MY SPECS area and send us your request. We are happy to register and welcome you.

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