First KREIOS 150 MM DISpin on its way

Testing of the first KREIOS 150 MM DISpin has begun

Latest news from the SPECS production team: The assembly of the first KREIOS 150 MM DISpin has just been completed. The system is currently being commissioned and tested. Early obtained test results show the high manufacturing precision and ease of use, even with such complex detection systems.

The KREIOS 150 MM is a powerful momentum microscope for combined PEEM and ยต-ARPES studies. It has been enhanced with a direct imaging (DI) spin detector. The DI allows for expanded information depth of novel materials from the real and reciprocal space to spin information in a compact experimental environment.

The analyzer technology is integrated into a highly customized solution for synchrotron application with user access at the NSRRC in Taiwan. The unique system design takes the beam conditions, as well as space considerations and auxiliary systems, into account.
Stay tuned for more updates.

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