PHOIBOS Analyzer Integration on HIDEN Analytical SIMS Workstation

SPECS is proud to present a new adaptation of a state of the art PHOIBOS 150 1D-DLD Energy analyzer and the high performance X-ray source XR-50 with Al/Mg Dual Anode, on a HIDEN Analytical SIMS Workstation two-part chamber. This is a versatile UHV system for high-sensitivity and high performance dynamic and static SIMS analysis, with the ability to acquire and identify both positive and negative secondary ions for composition analysis and depth profiling applications. The system upgrade has been installed at the University of Aalborg in Denmark. The principal XPS experimental analysis will be performed on thin films and semiconductors.

The specifically designed and fully compatible upgrade package for HIDEN Analytical allows the additional implementation of various analysis techniques such as XPS, UPS, AES, SAM, ISS, and LEIS. The High Performance Hemispherical Energy Analyzer PHOIBOS 150 is equipped with an integrated 1D-DLD detector, the best performing detection system available, with a spectrometer control unit HSA-3500 (or HSA-7000 for HAXPES), and all necessary data acquisition and processing software, including the Prodigy software.

Additional compatible upgrade options are  available, such as Flood Gun FG 22 for charge compensation, Electron Source EQ 22/35  for AES, Ion Source IQE 12 with Wien Filter for ISS technique and sample cleaning and depth profile acquisition, and the UV source UVS10 for UPS spectra acquisition.

For additional information on HIDEN Analytical SIMS system, please choose XPS for SIMS or SIMS Workstation.

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