PHOIBOS 225 Installation at SOLARIS

High Resolution analyzer with 2D-CCD/3D-Spin VLEED detector for cutting-edge ARPES studies at the synchrotron in Krakow

SPECS is proud to announce the delivery and commissioning of our PHOIBOS 225 2D-CCD/3D-Spin VLEED at the National Synchrotron Radiation facility SOLARIS in Krakow, Poland. The PHOIBOS analyzer was installed at the PHELIX end station, which now offers unique capabilities to its scientific users. With the current setup, circular dichroism measurements as well as spin-resolved photoemission spectroscopy can be performed on the same sample.

The PHOIBOS 225 hemispherical energy analyzer provides the optimal performance for UPS, XPS and ARPES measurements. The ultimate energy and angular resolution is achieved by the optimized analyzer design with ultimate resolving power and the ultra-stable high-resolution power supply. 

The 3D-Spin detector is based on our patented design and allows for measurements of all three spin components in addition to the angular-resolved spin-integrated photoemission intensity. Access to all three spin components is achieved through a combination of a 90° electron deflector for the out-of-plane spin component and a spin rotator to select the two in-plane spin components. 

ARPES measurements are performed using a proven 2D-CCD detector. A later upgrade to the patented full scale 2D-CMOS detector is possible at any time. With the fast CMOS camera and an advanced single event detection algorithm, an unsurpassed linearity up to several million counts per second can be achieved. 

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