AEOLOS 150 – A Cutting Edge Electron Energy Analyzer

A completely new electron energy analyzer, with a revolutionary concept!

Since the launch of the EnviroMETROS last year, the XPS community has gained access to a completely new way of measuring layers: The combination of multiple photon energies for excitation, and the parallel measurement of the angular dependence of the emitted electrons allows for more accurate measurement of the depth distribution of chemical species than ever before. With the release of the µFocus 450 X-ray monochromator and the AEOLOS 150 electron energy analyzer as stand-alone components, we are now making this functionality, previously limited to a fully automated compact system, available for integration into open and home-built analytical systems.

The AEOLOS 150 is a completely new electron energy analyzer, with a revolutionary concept: A beam forming lens for adaptive transmission enhancement. This newly developed lens system allows best performance at various working conditions. This lens allows to combine a very wide acceptance angle of 60° for optimized transmission and angle resolution across the entire angle range for non-destructive depth profiling. It can be operated at high voltage for HAXPES up to 10kV and NAP conditions. When the three differential pumping stages are equipped, measurements can be done in atmospheres up to 100 mbar. An in-lens valve allows venting the vacuum chamber without breaking vacuum of the analyzer. Changing between NAP and UHV optimized configuration is easily done, the nozzle can be removed or added without breaking the vacuum. This versatility and flexibility make the AEOLOS 150 the ideal analyzer for XPS analysis on thin films, multi-layer structures and for the study of reactions at interfaces of any kind.

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