Preventive Maintenance Contracts

Every new system order contains a free of charge maintenance contract.

In light of recent positive customer feedback, a preventative maintenance contract will ensure that your system will not only provide the best possible performance but will also maximize instrumental uptime.

In order to guarantee your complete satisfaction with the system, we are now including a free preventive maintenance contract within the warranty period with every system order. This comprehensive maintenance package includes

  • a regular preventive maintenance visit per year by a qualified SPECS service engineer,
  • all necessary consumables in order to maintain the system’s optimal operation,
  • re-calibration of each of the components on the system,
  • extended customer training, and
  • a contracted emergency response if a failure occurs.

Together with our dedicated service engineer online support, this will undoubtedly increase the efficiency of your system to generate the best possible scientific output!

Furthermore, after completion of the warranty, SPECSGROUP offers an extension of the preventive maintenance contract in three different versions - Maintenance Max, Maintenance Smart or Maintenance Basic. This means that a suitable maintenance strategy for your system can be continued at an attractive cost point.

SPECSGROUP Customer Services support team is dedicated to maintain your system, both during the warranty period and afterwards! We look forward to working with you on your system.

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