It's a truism: Regular maintenance increases reliability!

Preventive maintenance contracts are a tailor-made tool to reach this goal – here just one example of such a remarkable partnership

In 2014, SPECS took on an extremely complex project management task. A unique ultra high vacuum systems for thin film deposition, characterization and batch fabrication was to be developed for the ELORPrintTec Institute in Bordeaux.

A SPECS linear transfer connects three Lesker Spectros systems, a Plassys PVD system and a SPECS XPS/UPS/IPES analytical cluster. Since then, the overall cluster has been expanded to include an AFM and an ALD system. The special aspect of this project was that SPECS was the only company willing to take over the project management and integration. Many hurdles were overcome, such as an extremely complex design due to the limited laboratory space and height of the subsystems, a very difficult delivery and insertion situation, and most importantly a very complex 4 inch sample handling based on the Lesker standard. SPECS successfully installed and commissioned the system in 2015 and has maintained contact with the customer ever since.

In 2021 we started to work together with the user group on a maintenance concept, which could be realized in 2022. Together with our customer we want to provide "Equipment of Excellence", which includes a very high reliability. We look forward to working together in the years to come.

We are proud of this project, which shows that no project is impossible for SPECS, that we are an expert in customization and that long-term collaborative customer relationships are of utmost importance to us.

Click here for a video about ELORPrintTec.

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