First KREIOS 150 MM installation in Germany

The first SPECS Momentum Microscope in a ProvenX-MM System has been installed at the TU Dortmund in Germany.

We are happy to announce the first successful installation of a ProvenX-MM System in Germany. The group of Prof. Mirko Cinchetti from TU Dortmund has recently received the first part of a multi tool ARPES instrumentation park. The momentum microscopy system  is a multifunctional tool integrating the KREIOS 150 series momentum microscope, the HESTIA ultralow temperature sample stage, a UVS 300 small spot UV source with a full scale UHV preparation chamber.

In addition to the UV source the KREIOS 150 MM/ProvenX-MM system is coupled to a femtosecond laser system provided by the customer. We are happy to present first results from the KREIOS 150 MM with the laser light source, acquired shortly after the installation and operator training. The dataset shows the Au(111) surface state and the well known Rashba splitting acquired at < 10 K sample temperature at a photon energy of 6eV.

Further system part will be installed soon and some adjustments will have to be done in the next weeks. Nevertheless the first data are already outstanding. We would like to thank Mirko Cinchetti and his Group for his trust and support.

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