SpecsLab Prodigy 4.71 New Features

With the new release of SpecsLab Prodigy, the following new features are now available to our users. 

Introducing new COSCON Power Supplies

With the new release of our FG 22 power supply, the COSCON FG, the integration into SpecsLab prodigy is now available. The new power supply is fully remote controlled, either from the operating computer system or from mobile devices.

Slider Function for Kinetic Energy

A new slider function has been added to the analyzer device control, allowing to easily adjust the kinetic energy during experiment setup and alignment.

Export 3D Data Cubes Directly from Image Viewer

A new function has been added to the integrated 3D image viewer. It is now possible to export the current visible 3D data cube into external programs, such as Igor Pro. Next to the general export this feature allows to implement quick analysis and transformations done in SpecsLab Prodigy into exported files.

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