Cooperation Partners and Sales Channels for Nanonis Tramea

CNT Quantum Dot
Coulomb Diamonds of a quantum dot formed in a carbon nanotube (courtesy of A. Baumgartner, University of Basel)

SPECSGROUP introduced a novel approach to quantum transport measurements Nanonis Tramea. It is a compact, powerful and ultrafast measurement solution with superior performance and the ability to fully replace traditional custom made measurement racks.

Due to its unique features and usability, several renowned producers of cryostats quickly started to offer Nanonis Tramea to the users of their equipment. Oxford Instruments plc, a leading provider of high technology products and services for research and industry, has developed integrated solutions of their cryostat/magnet packages with Tramea for measurements at mK temperatures (with dilution refrigerators as well as with other products in the 1K-300K temperature range). Due to our cooperation, control of the magnet, cryostat temperature and experimental measurements is all integrated with Tramea, that seamlessly interacts with MercuryiTC temperature control and the MercuryiPS magnet power supply.

Additionally, SPECSGROUP started a cooperation with attocube systems AG, a leading pioneer for nanotechnology solutions in industry and research, in which we developed a solution to integrate attocubeā€™s dry magnet cryostat attoDRY2100 with a 3D sample rotator (atto3DR).

As a multiple-purpose high-end measurement device, which can be adapted to different commercial/custom-made experimental setups for quantum transport measurements it is very versatile in its capabilities. For consultancy please contact SPECSGROUP and its sales agencies and distributors worldwide. You find your competent partner here. Tramea special packages for Oxford Instruments plc and attocube systems AG cryostats are available directly from our cooperation partners.

Areas of application

  • Quantum Hall Effect 
  • Topological insulators
  • Majorana fermions
  • Graphene nanodevices
  • Carbon nanotubes
  • Quantum dots
  • Spin-qubits in quantum dots
  • Any other nanodevices
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