Nanonis Position Readout Module for Capacitive Position Sensors PR5e

Scanning probe microscopes usually have x/y/z coarse positioning motors, which allow for tip/sample positioning with a precision below the ┬Ám range within a larger sample area, which is usually in the range of several millimeters. While software displays all typical signals related to the experiment, the exact position on the sample where a measurement takes place is usually unknown. As a result, users are not able to return to the same sample area once they moved several times within the x/y coarse range or to switch between several different sample areas of interest by using the coarse motors in a controlled way. To be able to do so, one must integrate x/y/z position sensors within the coarse motor and to extend the functionality of the SPM software so that it can readout and store the position information provided by the sensors. In most cases, capacitive readout is the simplest method for integrating position sensors in a coarse motor. While the integration of the capacitive positions sensors within the coarse motors has to be performed by the user, we have developed a new Nanonis software add-on module, which extends software capabilities for this special application.

The new module reads out the position of the coarse motion system. It works with capacitive sensors with one excitation and one detection electrode, both stationary, and with a moving central electrode connected to ground screening the other two. It generates and detects three independent AC voltages by using the lock-in technique, allowing for the position read out of the x, y and z axes. Excitation frequency (up to 40 kHz), amplitude and lock-in filter parameters are user configurable, independently for each axis.
The module requires one external I/V converter for each sensor.

Mimea base package BP5e

It combines exceptional signal quality, high speed and a flexible, powerful and user-friendly software interface. The enhanced BP5e builds on the exceptional performance and signal quality of the BP5 and offers higher speed and more functionality and flexibility.

Key Features

  • Fast scanning and spectroscopy
  • Uncompromising signal quality
  • Direct data streaming to disk

Please find more information on the product page.

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