A new star is born: the ASTRAIOS 190

Sometimes good fortune brings successful friends

We are very delighted to announce the first ASTRAIOS 190 is ready for final testing. After our last announcement of the new KREIOS 150 MM Twin analyser, this is the newest member of our growing analyser family. With it, SPECS completes its offering in the field of energy- and momentum resolved spectroscopy and microscopy. 

The ASTRAIOS 190 is a new generation of hemispherical analyser, optimized for ARPES measurements with ultimate energy and k-resolution. It is based on a newly developed lens system with a single spot parallel shifting lens, enabling 2D maps of band structures with an acceptance angle of up to 30° without moving the sample. 

Stay tuned here or on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for ground-breaking results of the ASTRAIOS 190 soon to come.

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