JVST Special Topic collection

Reproducibility Challenges and Solutions with a Focus on XPS now available as a book copy

Following a symposium on AVS 2019 this Special Topic Collection features articles that address increasingly recognized challenges to reproducibility and replication of data that are impacting most areas of modern science. Find the link here . Because of the importance and growing rate of use, many of the papers provide information related to surface analysis using X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS). The purpose of the "Reproducibility Challenges and Solutions with a Focus on XPS" collection is to describe causes of non-reproducible data and analyses, to help analysts, researchers, and reviewers recognize problematic and erroneous data, and to provide guides and related information regarding best practices with the aim of assisting analysts in conducting and reporting reliable and useful information. The guest editors are Don Baer and Gary McGuire. You can order it from the AVS website until May 27, 2021 as a soft-bound book copy under this link for a price of 30$.

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