Operando Electrochemical Cell for Near Ambient Pressure Applications: O-EC-NAP

SPECS Gmbh product portfolio for NAP-XPS measurements at solid-liquid interface has now been expanded by the advent of the novel O-EC-NAP Operando Electrochemical Cell module. The O-EC-NAP cell allows for NAP-XPS measurements of electrochemical processes at the solid-liquid interface between an electrode and electrolyte. The electrochemical cell has a three electrode setup, consisting of a working, reference and counter electrode, which can be mounted on its own 4-axes manipulator. The O-EC-NAP can be used with or without a window, which allows "dip and pull" type experiments, as well as measurements on closed electrochemical cells. When the electrochemical cell is used without a window, the working electrode will be immersed into the liquid electrolyte. By rotating the manipulator, the electrode will only be partially covered with an electrolyte and a thin-film of liquid will be formed at the solid-liquid interface, thus enabling NAP-XPS measurements of the interface between the electrode and electrolyte. All electrical connections, as well as the liquid pipelines are integrated in the 4-axes manipulator. The cell can be filled or drained by using a peristaltic pump. In order to minimize evaporation of the electrolyte from the investigation area during the measurements, an additional buffer cell serves as a sacrificial liquid layer for maintaining the vapor pressure value constant during the experiments.

The first O-EC-NAP Operando Electrochemical Cell module was attached to a multimethod NAP-XPS system that combines NAP-XPS, IRRAS and electrochemical investigation techniques for ultimate flexibility in the characterization of various samples and processes. Apart from electrochemical measurements, catalytic processes of nanostructured or single crystal samples in different gas atmospheres and at different temperatures can be investigated by using NAP-XPS as well as FTIR techniques.

For more information, please see the product page.

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