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  1. 15 Mar
    Newsletter March 2024
    Meet us at the DPG Spring Meeting in Berlin and talk to us to find your new dream job; learn more about a new kind of magnetism and about the upgrade at the INP Greifswald ... Enjoy reading!
  1. 07 Nov
    Newsletter November 2023
    30 years ago, the first SPECS system; an upcoming RF generator; fresh insights into atomic spin systems; a second momentum microscope in Okinawa; the people behind the scenes - once again exciting topics in our newsletter ...
  2. 28 Mar
    Newsletter March 2023
    Among other things, this newsletter reports on four new, innovative, and outstanding products, the 100th major releases of our SpecsLab Prodigy software, and the 25th anniversary of our PHOIBOS analyzer series. We hope you enjoy reading it.
  1. 28 Jul
    Newsletter July 2022
    With respect to the pandemic situation things are normalizing with respect to travels and mobility. Thus the first two contributions report about installations of new EnviroESCA instruments and the development of our global service infrastructure.
  1. 26 Nov
    Newsletter November 2021
    SPECSGROUP is looking back at an exciting, yet challenging year. We all thought, that SARS-CoV-2 would no longer be a topic by this time of 2021. But obviously the virus shows a stronger resistance to all our attacks than expected.
  2. 29 Apr
    Newsletter for North America
    We are pleased to announce our latest innovation: a new series of COSCON control units that feature identical handling and similar characteristics for several particle and photon sources.
  3. 21 Apr
    Newsletter April 2021
    Despite the persisting SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, the first quarter of the year has been an exciting one for the SPECSGROUP. First of all we are very glad and proud, that SPECSGROUP has a new owner.
  4. 02 Feb
    Newsletter February 2021
    Welcome to our first newsletter in 2021. Science has proven in the first 12 months of the pandemic crisis that it plays an important role in society. Finally several vaccines are around giving hope and perspective for all of us.
  1. 03 Dec
    Special ARPES Edition
    In the last five years the whole portfolio of systems and components for highest resolution Angle Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy (ARPES) has been revolutionized through fundamentally new developments and turned into cutting edge products from SPECS.
  2. 06 Oct
    Newsletter October 2020
    Since publishing our last newsletter in July 2020 another three months have passed with an internationally developing SARS-CoV-2 situation. A second pandemic wave seems to be present right now and many workshops have been held in virtual environments.
  3. 10 Jul
    Newsletter July 2020
    In the last six months the world has changed – even more than anybody would have expected. But it is still turning. We have uninteruptedly been working for our customers.
  4. 14 Jan
    Newsletter Januar 2020
    We are excited to inform you, that great new products and developments await ahead of us in 2020, as well. Stay tuned for the coming newsletters. SPECSGROUP would like to wish all customers and partners a happy and successful New Year.
  1. 01 Oct
    Newsletter October 2019
    We managed to collect exciting and entertaining news about new products, ground-breaking results achieved using instrumentation from SPECS, Nanonis or Enviro and miscellaneous other topics. Enjoy being part of SPECSGROUP.
  2. 01 Jul
    Newsletter July 2019
    Welcome to our new SPECSGROUP newsletter subscription. With our newsletter we keep you up to date four times a year on interesting applications, high-performance products and important events.
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