Additive Manufacturing

Driven by our passion for new technologies, we’re committed to bringing the latest innovations and benefits to our customers.

We are pleased to now offer a wide range of services around additive manufacturing, commonly known as 3D printing. We will help you draft and design your ideas into functional parts and assemblies using the extensive potential of additive manufacturing. From a single or small series of parts, up to printed prototypes - our team of experienced design engineers will assist you every step of the way by offering evaluations, development tools, and design optimization to implement your project and achieve your goals.

The parts are qualified for both UHV-conditions as well as normal environments and print in only a few days, which allows for savings of up to eighty percent in comparison to conventional machining methods. In our additive manufacturing workshop we operate an EOS M290 laser sintering system with stainless steel, aluminum alloy and titanium grade 5 alloy. For rough design studies and simple devices we run an Ultimaker 3 printer, building parts from ABS, PLA and other plastics.

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