State-of-the-art research from aging instruments

Professional and cost-effective retrofitting of existing surface analysis systems

Are you running an older surface analysis instrument in your lab and you feel its limitations? Are you facing increasing failures and non-reliable operation? This is not necessarily a reason for buying a new instrument. There might be a less expensive way to increase its output.

SPECS is a specialist in retrofitting older systems with new state-of-the-art equipment. Together with our customers, we evaluate how we can bring new life to existing equipment, regardless whether it is an older SPECS system or from a third party supplier.
We regularly equip installed systems with newest analytical instruments using the most advanced electron analyzers and detection systems as well as the latest components, such as monochromated or non-monochromated X-ray sources, ultraviolet sources, ion sources, sample manipulators, etc.
Get a whole new experience with your system through a complete remote control of SPECS equipment in the laboratory and even from home. Generate highly efficient output and better results through up-to-date techniques.

For information about this topic, please contact us. Our service and support team will be happy to advise you free of charge on a possible upgrades of your system.

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