Battery research at Argonne National Lab using a SPECS Multimethod Platform

The development of high performance and environmentally friendly energy storage and new battery systems is one of the biggest challenges globally and essential for future developments. We are proud that - with the Multimethod System installed in 2015 at the JCSER (Joint Center for energy storage Research) at Argonne National Lab - SPECS provided a research platform, that contributes productively to research and development with significant contributions in the field of energy storage reseach.

The publication presented here and the included video illustrate nicely the complexity of this task and the scientists' approach to obtain new insights.

The system used as a workhorse in this reaseach features an XPS analysis module equipped with a PHOIBOS 150 1D-DLD electron analyzer, a FOCUS 500 monochromated X-ray source, an IQE 12/38 small spot ion source for sputter depth profiling and ISS measurements, a UVS10/35 for UPS measurements, and an ErLEED 150 system for surface structure analysis. 
The analysis module is connected to a flexible and expandable UHV-LTS linear transfer system for up to ten subsystems permanently equipped with a Load Lock chamber, a magnetron sputter-deposition system and a glovebox.
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