Remote control of most Femto preamplifiers added to the Nanonis Tramea software

Remote control of most variable gain preamplifiers from Femto® has been added to the Nanonis Tramea software. 

Tramea base configuration – In parallel to the introduction of the Nanonis MCVA5 multichannel voltage preamplifier, we also added remote control for the full family of variable gain preamplifiers from Femto®, both current and voltage preamplifiers. Preamplifiers which might be already available in the lab can therefore easily be integrated into the measurement workflow, improving the operation of the instrument.
As with all instruments integrated into the Nanonis software, a change of the gain of the preamplifier automatically adjusts all calibrations in the software ensuring that the acquired data always are real-world physical unit. The gain can be adjusted from within the user input module, ensuring that the correct input channels are addressed.

The following parameters can be remotely switched: Gain, Coupling, high/low bandwidth (if supported by the preamplifier)

The following preamplifiers are supported: DDPCA-300, DLPCA-200, DHPCA-100 and DLPVA-series
Remote control of Femto preamplifiers is available for Nanonis Tramea software V5 (Release R9136 and newer)

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