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Nanonis for SPM 150 Aarhus

Nanonis SPM control system combines uncompromising signal quality with responsive and reliable control software. The software provides measurement methods and complete signal processing combined with a stramlined user interface, offering all necessary functionalities in an efficient workflow for demanding SPM experiments.

Nanonis hardware is designed for highest signal performance. System is fully digital, all analog signals are converted immediately into the digital domain, where all signal processing is performed, making them essentially immune to external noise and crosstalk and ensuring the best possible signal quality, which is crucial for SPM applications. In combination with the powerful software package, signal routing can be adapted and optimized on the fly with the press of a button instead of adjusting external hardware cabling. A fully digital system is also flexible and scalable, since software adaptations are all that is needed for rapid custom developments of the system. The generic analog interface provides 48 live signals: 8 inputs, 8 outputs and 32 internalsignals, with up to 24 signals that can be acquired simultaneously. All signals can be inspected with the fft spectrum analyzer, dual-channel oscilloscope, signal charts, and history panels. Latest advances in ad/da conversion technology are used, in combination with sophisticated digital filtering, over-sampling, and dithering techniques, to provide the highest resolution.


  • operation-optimized user interface
  • full flexibility for most advanced measurements
  • uncompromising signal quality 
  • future-proof state-of-the-art hardware
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