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Audio Monitor AM5

Listen to the sound of atoms. The AM5 is the interface to the most powerful signal analyzer in the world: the human ear. The AM5 is a high performance analog audio interface, designed for extracting even the smallest audible details from a measurement signal. It features 4 high impedance input channels with individual gain control, and two independent headphone output connectors.

Listen to atoms before a full picture appears on the screen and optimize your measurement settings: the AM5 provides the direct link to the tunneling current signal with no need to wait for a visualized data representation. Optimize your tunneling contact on the fly, find ordered areas on your sample, and hear atomic resolution within one scan line, with no limitations due to pixel number or sampling rates. Listen to the quality of the SPM tip, protect it from damage, and recognize instantaneously the effectiveness of tip shaping or cleaning.


  • The link to the most advanced signal analyzer: the human ear
  • Listen to the quality of the tip
  • 4 high impedance inputs, 2-headpones outputs
  • Drives any headphone
  • Power supply for preamplifiers




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