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Adaptation kit SPECS

Adaptation kit for SPECS Aarhus SPM

This adaptation kit interfaces the Nanonis control system directly to the instruments of the Aarhus SPM family. The adaptation kit connects directly to the current preamplifier, applies the bias voltage and drives the coarse approach. Together with the OC4 oscillation controller dynamic mode AFM becomes possible with the KolibriSensorâ„¢. The plug-and-play adaptation lets the users benefit immediately from the features of a fully digital control system.

The following modules can be provided as an option:

  • Lock-in detector module: integrated digital lock-in detector
  • LabVIEW Programming interface: task automation and quick prototyping
  • Scripting tool: scripting high-speed measurement sequences on the real-time system
  • Atom tracking: 2D lock-in to track atoms and molecules
  • Kelvin controller: KPFM measurements
  • OC4 Oscillation controller: non-contact AFM using the KolibriSensorâ„¢


  • 22-bit DACs on all output channels, up to 22-bit resolution on all input channels
  • Digital feedback and scan control
  • Advanced spectroscopy on single points, grid or individual sample locations


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