ProvenX System Series: Successful Start

The ProvenX system series illustrates our extensive experience in designing and  fabricating state-of–the-art surface analysis systems that can carry out the most challenging scientific experiments. It comprises dedicated systems for ARPES, µ-ARPES and Momentum Microscopy (MM), XPS/UPS as well as NAP-XPS. Since the launch of the ProvenX product line last year, we have produced and successfully installed 7 different ProvenX systems while 10 additional systems are currently in production. 


The first ProvenX-NAP system was installed at the Leibniz-Institut für Katalyse in Rostock, Germany, which is one of the largest institutes for applied catalysis in Europe. The next three ProvenX-NAP systems that followed closely were commissioned in China, at the University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei, at Peking University and Tsinghua University in Beijing. All systems were equipped with the state-of-the-art hemispherical analyzer PHOIBOS 150 NAP 1D-DLD that allows for performing NAP-XPS and NAP-UPS measurements from UHV to 50 mbar pressure range, In combination with the small spot monochromatic X-ray source µ-Focus 600 NAP, unsurpassed count rates in NAP environments can be achieved. 


The first ProvenX-MM system was successfully installed and commissioned at the Technical University Dortmund, Germany, followed by the second system installed at the Imec Attolab in Leuven, Belgium. The system at TU Dortmund contains the electron momentum microscope KREIOS 150 MM, while the system at Imec Attolab is equipped with the electron momentum spectrometer KREIOS 150. Both systems feature the ultra-low temperature sample stage HESTIA that ensures extremely high precision and stability in sample positioning . Additionally to the SPECS UVS 300 small spot UV source, both systems are coupled to customer femtosecond laser sources for ultrafast photoemission experiments.


The ProvenX design is also well established for ARPES systems and the first ProvenX-ARPES system was successfully installed and commissioned last year at the University of Valencia in Spain. The system is equipped with the newly developed low temperature LHe manipulator from the Ganymed series. 

Vacuum Control

One of the characteristics of the ProvenX system series is the high degree of automation, not only for carrying out measurements but also with respect to the vacuum system. All ProvenX systems contain the Vacuum Control software, which allows for user-friendly control and overview of all components of the vacuum system, like such as vacuum pumps, pressure gauges, gate valves etc. from a touchscreen display mounted close to the system, or from the main measurement computer. It is fully interlocked in order to ensure the protection of the vacuum system and mounted devices. Thus, it allows for an easy and safe execution of routine tasks such as chamber venting and pumping down. 

In the case of ProvenX-NAP systems, it also controls the mass flow controllers of the gas inlet system allowing for setting desired gas pressures and gas mixtures inside the analysis chamber.  

Vacuum Control is fully integrated in the SpecsLab Prodigy measurement software and vacuum parameters can be logged and saved either separately or together with a measurement. Furthermore, vacuum system actions can be integrated in measurement recipes. Logging of important system parameters for service and troubleshooting is another essential feature of the Vacuum Control software.

SpecsLab Prodigy

The SpecsLab Prodigy software, that is included for all ProvenX systems, is a data acquisition and experiment control software which enables remote control of all components installed in the system, as well as experiment automation. 

By using different software routines like Profiling, Ramping, Auto Sample Height Adjustment, Auto Flood Gun Adjustment, Sputter Cleaning or Sputter Depth Profiling various measurement recipes as well as sample preparation recipes can be written and stored. The SpecsLab Prodigy software with its integrated modules allows for a fully efficient employment of the measurement time and makes the ProvenX systems extremely versatile and straightforward to use. For more information please see advanced automation.

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