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Proven Analysis System for State-of-the-Art ARPES

The ProvenX system series represents the quintessence of our extensive knowledge in developing and manufacturing complete surface analysis systems that fulfill the most demanding scientific requirements. This system concept combines the most required analysis techniques with the latest and proven technology for ultimate performance.

The ProvenX-ARPES system is a dedicated small spot ARPES analysis tool, supporting the new ASTRAIOS 190 electron analyzer with single spot shifting lens, parallel single event detectors and optional 3D spin detection, as well as the UVS µFOCAL small spot UV source with optional monochromator. The sample handling is done by the SPECS Ganymed low temperature manipulator series. The system comes with a dedicated preparation chamber, a clean UHV sample storage facility and a multi sample fast entry loadlock.

System control is done by the SpecsLab Prodigy software suite with integrated remote control packages, automated sample handling and a computer based vacuum control system.

The system can be equipped with an optional small spot x-ray source for material characterization, electron sources and charge neutralization sources. Additional software and preparation tools are available.


  • High Resolution Electron Momentum Mapping Analyzer
  • Low Temperature Sample Handling
  • Monochromated Small Spot UV Source
  • Reliable and Proven System Design
  • Optional Small Spot Monochromated XPS Function
  • Fully Automated System Control
  • Including Preparation Chamber, Loadlock and Sample Storage




Energy Resolution

< 1.5 meV with ASTRAIOS 190


< 0.003 Å-1 with ASTRAIOS 190

Acceptance Angle

< ±30° with ASTRAIOS 190

Sample Temperature

< 7 K  to 300 K  with Ganymed ULT
< 15 K to 1100 K  with Ganymed VT

Spot Size

< 100 µm UV Spot Size with UVS µFOCAL
< 250 µm X-Ray Spot Size with µFOCUS 500

Residual Magentic Field

< 0.5 µT in Analysis Chamber

Base Pressure

< 2x10-10 mbar in Analysis and Preparation Chamber
< 5x10-8 mbar in Load Lock

Electron Energy Analyser

SPECS ASTRAIOS 190 Momentum Mapping Analyzer


2D-CMOS True Parallel pulse Counting Detector

3D Spin Detector with VLEED or MOTT Detection Scheme

Analysis Chamber

spherical µ-metal chamber


Ganymed VT or ULT 5 Axes Manipulator with Open or Closed Cycle Crysotat

Preparation Chamber

stainless steel preparation chamber
options: LEED, surface cleaning, plasma treatment, deposition sources

Load Lock

Fast Entry Load Lock with Sample Storage for 4 Samples

UV Source

SPECS UVS with µFOCAL capillary and optional TMM 304 UV Monochromator

X-Ray Source

SPECS µFOCUS 500 X-Ray Monochromator with Al kα Anode

Sample Storage

4 Slots in Analysis Chamber and 4 Slots in Loadlock Chamber

Vacuum Control

SPECS Vacuum Control Software for Full Vacuum System Automation

Operating Software

SpecsLab Prodigy Control Software


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