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OC4.5 station

The physical parameter that lends itself to the most accurate measurement in nature is frequency. It therefore follows that other physical properties that can be converted to a frequency may also be measured with a high degree of precision. This can be accomplished by tracking the responses of a high quality mechanical oscillator using the OC4.5 Station.

Nanonis OC4
Nanonis OC4 oscillation controller

The OC4.5-Station is the standalone version of the OC4 (Oscillation Controller) add-on module, specifically designed for Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) operation. With its extremely wide input range, from ±1mV ... ±10V and its bandwidth of 100 Hz to 5 MHz the OC4.5-Station is suited for almost any type of mechanical resonator - standard cantilevers, tuning fork, Kolibri sensor™, etc., whether in UHV, at low-temperature, in liquid, or in air. Its applications range from atomic resolution in Non-Contact AFM modes to Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy (MRFM). Additionally, the integrated spectrum analyzer (FFT) and scope allows for thermal noise analysis of resonance peak.

The graphical user interface is hosted on a standard desktop or laptop PC. Communication is done via TCP/IP over a standard Ethernet port. With the possibility to connect it to any third party controller, the OC4.5-Station is a truly universal and versatile lab instrument.

The OC4.5-S is the ideal first step towards a full Nanonis SPM Control System when adding or improving PLL performance is the first prority.

For specifications, please head to the OC4 product page


  • Frequency range from 100 Hz to 5 MHz
  • Excitation output range from ±10mV up to ±10V
  • Frequency resolution below 1 nHz; stability of 1ppb/per day
  • 4 independent demodulators for Multifrequency operation
  • Advanced filtering: independent lock-in filters with selectable order (1. to 8.) and cut-off frequency (100 mHz to 50 kHz)  for each demodulator
  • Integrated oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer (FFT) with continuous display up to 5MHz
  • Frequency and phase sweep spectrum for maximum amplitude and minimum excitation
  • perfectPLL™ algorithm for auto-tuning of PLL parameters
  • Demodulation bandwidth up to 5 kHz
  • Simple upgrade to full Nanonis SPM Control System




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