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OC4.5 Station

The physical parameter that lends itself to the most accurate measurement in nature is frequency. It therefore follows that other physical properties that can be converted to a frequency may also be measured with a high degree of precision. This can be accomplished by tracking the responses of a high quality mechanical oscillator using the OC4.

Nanonis OC4
Nanonis OC4 oscillation controller

The OC4.5 is a stand-alone version for the use with the already existing SPM controller. Up to six analog outputs and two digital lines allow easy integration with any SPM controller. Digital integration with the Nanonis SPM controller brings additional advantages including the integrated user interface, direct digital signal communication without limitation in range and resolution, as well as reduced latency.

Many specialized software tools, which have been developed by SPM application experts, are designed to help with everyday work. With a few mouse clicks one can find the resonance, determine the Q-factor, set up the perfectPLL™ parameters, compensate the contact potential, and more. Complex made easy: with an overview of up to four nested PI controllers running in parallel. The LabVIEW programming interface together with the option to have customized functionality programmed onto the FPGA makes the OC4.5 an extremely flexible device.


  • Outstanding „„ functionality „„
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