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The Ganymed sample manipulator series is a powerfull and reliable group of UHV sample handling tools, designed for high precision and efficency. It's five axes design combines best with the SPECS ASTRAIOS 190 electron analyzer for fast and precise ARPES band mapping. The flexibility in cooling and sample handling options make this manipulator a perfect choice for state of the art sample analysis.

A sophisticated sample handling under UHV conditions is mandatory for precise and efficient measurment routines. For the SPECS ASTRAIOS 190 and the ProvenX ARPES systems we have developed a dedicated UHV manipulator concept for state of the art ARPES analysis - the Ganymed series.

SPECS Ganymed is a five axes UVH sample manipulator, fully motorized and designed for SPECS SH2/12 flag style samples. It comes with two different cooling options and two types of sample heads. The cooling can be realized by an open cylce helium cooling cryostat, ready for the use with external helium recovery systems on request, or with a built in low noise closed cycle helium cryostat. Custom length are available up to 300 mm for the closed cycle cryostat or up to 700 mm for the open cycle crostat.

Ganymed VT Sample Head

This flexible variable temperature (VT) head features sample temperatrues below 15K and electron beam heating up to 1100K. The temperature can be set at any value between 15K and 300K with the built in counter heater on the cryostat. This exceptional combination allows measurments at low temperatures as well as in situ sample processing or preparation.

Ganymed ULT Sample Head

The ultra low temperature (ULT) version of the ganymed features sample surface temperatures below 7K and a counter heater to room temperature. The sample is fully thermal shielded with enhanced thermal contact to the sample. The cover can easily be operated with the transfer tool.The sample thickness is supported up to 2mm on top of the sampel plate or higher when using a special double-level samle holder.


  • True and fully motorized 5 axes design with
    XYZ, Polar and Azimuth
  • Open or Closed Cycle Cryostat
  • Sample Temperature <15 K to 1100 K (VT)
    or < 7 K to 300 K (ULT)
  • Custom length available up to 700 mm
    (300 mm for closed cycle)
  • Polar Rotation ±180°
  • Azimuth Rotation ±90°
  • Au reference sample available




Number of Axes


Axes Range

x,y = ±12.5 mm (Open Cylce)
x,y = ±  6.0 mm (Closed Cylce)

z up to 700 mm (Open Cycle)
z up to 300 mm (Closed Cycle)

Polar = ±180°

Azimuth = = ±90°

Sample Cooling

Open Cycle Liquid Helium
Closed Cycle Liquid Helium

Sample Heating

Counter Heating on Cryostate up to 300 K

Sample Holder



5 Axes

Temperature Measurement

2x Si Diode

Sample Temperature

< 15 K to 1100 K (VT)
< 7 K  300 K (ULT)

Mounting Flange

6" OD


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