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System Module for Flexible Sample Manipulation including Heating, Cooling and optional Motorization

FlexMan module allows a flexible configuration with up to 5 degrees of freedom for sample manipulation and selection of Z-travel, including heating, cooling and optional motorization. For sample mounting, a variety of transferable sample plates are available. Samples are mounted directly to the sample plates, offering flexible operation. Heating and cooling options are integrated in the manipulator stage. The sample plates are transferred with a special transfer tool with sample locking mechanism mounted to a magnetically coupled transfer rod.


  • Variety of different sample plates available for direct current heating, e-beam heating, powder samples, etc.
  • Different materials available including stainless steel, Ta and Mo
  • Transferable thermocouple connection for precise temperature measurement at the sample surface, for example for temperature programmed desorption studies
  • Sample storage for up to three samples mounted to manipulator
  • Motorization of individual manipulator axis or all axis and PC control possibility
  • Easily customizable
  • Easily upgradable
  • Cost-effective




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