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Our fast and reliable services for you, dear customers, is our job & passion. Our team of support staff and engineers works full-time, five days a week on your problems and issues. Our international SPECS support team is spread over three locations. We offer local service in Germany, China and the USA. Furthermore, we cooperate with a wide-ranging network of international representatives who are always your contact persons. We are focused on short ways and fast communication, which is why your requests reach us within a few hours. As a rule, every request will usually be answered within 24 hours!

We offer a wide range of services from maintenance contracts, spare parts, in-house or on-site repairs, trainings, custom design solutions, UHV compatible 3D printing including engineering and rework. Our service engineers are always on the move, always ready to visit you at your locations to work with you to solve your problems, improve your performances, or complete a variety of support tasks. State-of-the-art methods like Team Viewer remote access, a modern ERP and ticket system allow us to further optimize our work to help you even faster. We are constantly working on our performance.

Regardless of our task, we always try to work out the best solution for our customers!

Our international services for you

Service contracts

Maximize the uptime of your SPECS system or components. Take advantage of regular visits and discussions with our engineers and benefit from their technical know-how about the most efficient techniques for the operation of your devices. Be more productive! Be sure to always have the latest software and firmware installed and that your system is up to date. We will be happy to advise you on possible upgrades and extensions of your system. Should your system fail, we assure you that we will arrive as soon as possible and solve your problem! Be part of the community that enjoys special privileges such as Priority Email Support, Shortest Response Times, Free Team Viewer Sessions, and fastest Service.

Analytical Services

As a part of our customer relation/satisfaction we offer all our (potential) customers the analytical services from our product portfolio to perform individual case studies. With that service we want to help our customers to evaluate our products in terms of needs and samples related to their specific application and research area. The outcome of such studies will also help new customers during the decision process of buying a component, upgrade, or instrument.

Team Viewer Support

An important support tool in a modern work environment is Team Viewer. Thanks to support sessions that can be planned at short notice, we are often in a position to solve problems efficiently, quickly and directly. The customer has the following advantage: Through a well-planned Team Viewer session, the SPECS staff can ensure that the right expert, e.g. Software Developer or Electronics Technician, is part of the Team Viewer Support Team. So software problems, firmware upgrades or often also adjustment problems can be solved fast. The hourly billing of the Team Viewer Support Session also makes this a very cost-effective support offer compared to a service visit.

Spare Parts

Fast supply of spare parts to our customers is a top priority for SPECS. We try to maximize our spare parts stock and minimize our turnaround times, which often means a same day shipment of your order. If your spare part is not in stock, it will be ordered as quickly as possible! We are happy to search for just the right spare part based on your equipment information given. One of our greatest strengths is that we continue to supply old equipment with spare parts. Where our competitor stops, we start first. It is highest priority to us to be able to supply our devices with spare parts for a maximum of time and thus to allow our customers maximum productivity over a very long period of time. It is not uncommon for us to supply components and systems that are well over 20 years old with spare parts. That's customer service.


Reliable repairs of our equipment in a timely manner is an important part of the SPECS philosophy. Your work has stalled because one of our components broke down? We take care of the fastest possible processing of your repair by our qualified mechanics, electronics engineers or engineers. As a rule, you get your device repaired and tested after a few weeks. If a device can not be repaired, we advise you on possible alternatives and / or offer you a replacement device.

System relocations

Your system must be relocated to a new location. We are the right experts for that. Not only do we take care of a quick and professional move, but also the commissioning and specification at the new location. We will help you with the design of the new location and check whether all conditions exist for a professional operation. When planning your move with SPECS you can choose from a wide range of services. From carefree all inclusive package, to the assumption of smaller subtasks anything is possible, regardless of whether your system moves a few rooms or in another country. We efficiently help you to professionally build up and commission your system at the new location.

3D Printing

Driven by our passion for new technologies, we’re committed to bringing the latest innovations and benefits to our customers. We are pleased to now offer a wide range of services around additive manufacturing, commonly known as 3D printing. We will help you draft and design your ideas into functional parts and assemblies using the extensive potential of additive manufacturing. From a single or small series of parts, up to printed prototypes - our team of experienced design engineers will assist you every step of the way by offering evaluations, development tools, and design optimization to implement your project and achieve your goals. The parts are qualified for both UHV-conditions as well as normal environments and print in only a few days, which allows for savings of up to eighty percent in comparison to conventional machining methods. In our additive manufacturing workshop we operate an EOS M290 laser sintering system with stainless steel, aluminum alloy and titanium grade 5 alloy. For rough design studies and simple devices we run an Ultimaker 3 printer, building parts from ABS, PLA and other plastics.


We offer design engineer services for all your development projects and challenges. With over 20 years of experience designing UHV-systems and -components, we are your knowledgeable partner for all questions related to technical or mechanical equipment used in applied surface analysis research. We look forward to learning and facilitating your requirements in any construction project. In cooperation with our manufacturers, we produce and purchase parts and components, assemble your device, and perform quality assurance testing and specification checks based on your provided scope of the project. We aim for maximum efficiency and perfect results to ensure full customer satisfaction.

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