EnviroESCA is different, but the same.

Inspiring. Fast. Versatile.

For EnviroESCA both is true in a positive way.

It is different, because of the possibility to work in pressure of up to 50 mbar or more and this simply by typing in the total pressure and gas mixture into a software control window. The sample never has to see vacuum to avoid degradation or destruction. The sample can also be any insulator. It also can be a liquid or a solid liquid interface. It can be a device with contacts.

But then, it is the same as in other state-of-the-art XPS systems: you receive a reliable, repeatable and precise quantitative chemical analysis of your surface. Just on a tremendously wider variety of samples and under more realistic conditions.

See some examples and experiences from experts, users and customers collected here.

"EnviroESCA is a game changer..."

A scientific collaborator, June 2018, Enviro demo lab, Berlin, Germany
"Insert a liquid, an insulator, a coffee bean, a biofilm with bateria, a water soaked superabsorber, a microelectronic device and simply measure!" This will change the XPS world... EnviroESCA is a true game changer.
"I have been on a conference in Berlin and had a couple of hours on a Saturday. My interest is the chemistry at interfaces between organic solvents and semiconductors. We really could measure DMSO! Then we inserted a Silicon wafer into the DMSO. After a couple of minutes we were able to measure the interface. We saw DMSO and Silicon. In a laboratory machine. EnviroESCA is unbelievable."

"It is too good to be true. After two hours of use I was convinced..."

A future customer, December 2018, Enviro demo lab, Berlin, Germany
"It is truely disappointing: everybody is talking about operando or in-situ, when talking about NAP-XPS. But EnviroESCA is just a fantastic machine for high-throuput analysis" You do not have to wait for degassing. Just measure. I have never been so productive in XPS."

"True high through put analysis"

Operator of EnviroESCA in customer's lab
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