It is time for the next step in evolution.

Enviro has been founded as a brand to evolve novel and smart analysis tools from the pioneering developments created at SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH in recent years. After the launch in 2016 its products started to answer the need for different analytical methods overcoming the barriers of standard x-ray photoelectron spectroscopic by enabling analyses at pressures far above ultra-high vacuum.

In the late 1960s Kai Siegbahn developed and experimentally realized the first Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis (ESCA) experiments, finally resulting in a Nobel Prize in Physics. By excitation of electrons from solid samples using characteristic X-rays and detecting the number of photoelectrons in dependence of their kinetic energies it became possible to use the element specific electron energies to derive the chemical composition of sample surfaces without destroying them. The global success of X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS), as ESCA has also been named later on, is a result of the development of methods for reliable and precise quantification of ESCA data with an elemental detection limit of <1% in the uppermost surface layers. Already in the early 1970s Kai Siegbahn realized, that the Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV) environment necessary in conventional ESCA machines is limiting the applications of this method to solid sample surfaces. So he suggested applying ESCA to liquids, using a differential pumping setup for the analyzer and X-ray source. But it took more than three decades in experimental and technical development to reach pressures of up to 25 mbar in synchrotron and laboratory experiments. (Near) Ambient Pressure XPS ((N)AP-XPS) was born, yielding fundamental insight in the operation of catalysts and the analysis of liquids and liquid solid interfaces. EnviroESCA is the first and only realization of such a system in a fully automated and easy-to-use way, opening the valuable technology to a broader group of users.

Enviro is ...

... a unique spin-off from SPECS.

Enviro evolved from SPECS' technologies an operator-friendly and unique instrument, the EnviroESCA.

... focused on applications.

Enviro's first interest is not technology. The focus is on application and easy realization of new experimental setups to address customers' challenges. Due to the design of the EnviroESCA this does not require tedious construction efforts. It is too good to be true, but load any material or device to EnviroESCA and it will produce a novel inside into your application.

... focused on relevant results.

Finally for analytical scientists relevant results matter. So why compromise and find work-arounds for your real analytical question. Overcome the limits of model systems and simluation of conditions and measure under the real conditions instead. Or in other words: if you want to measure the chemical reactions at a liquid-to-solid interface: just do it operando.

... supporting you during your analyses and projects.

EnviroESCA is a stand-alone system with full process control. It also is equipped with expert system functions. Both, process control and the expert system supports the operator during the experiments, but also during the data analysis and interpretation. Never doubt again your experiments' relevance and your results' reliability and repeatability. Complete data and parameter logging allows for certified documentation and gives evidence.

... productivity oriented.

Enviro is founded by people, that know exactly how XPS quantification works. And they know the limitations of classical ESCA machines. Real high-throuput means: from taking your sample from the preparation bench to the first data point of the first spectrum it only takes 60 seconds in the EnviroESCA. Don't care for degassing, don't think about degradation. Insulator or conducting sample? It does not matter.

... taking care.

Be sure, that - where ever you are in the world - you will receive a substantial answer in 24 to 36 hours from the best expert in the field on your service request.

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